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We provide tips and new tactics to help you along your job search. The facilitators of this group “have been there and done that” which is to say, they have walked along the journey of unemployment and know exactly what you are going through.

No one that has never been unemployed for an extended period of time can empathize that same way we do. We know it is not a pleasant journey and is fraught with ups and downs.

Don’t Give Up

Never Give Up. We know that the longer your job hunt lasts, the easier it is for you to give up hope. Some journeys last a month or two, some years. This is a very difficult time for you and the country as a whole. Things have changed with high numbers of unemployed and underemployed as employers are bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of resumes for open positions. Yet only 20% of all jobs are even advertised! How do you find the others? NETWORKING!

What you need to do is not just to rely on answers ads, applying online like everyone else. You need to find new ways to locate open positions and to find the hiring manager for advertised jobs. It does take work and if you are unemployed, you new job right now is finding a job and that will take work, but the payoff in landing where God wants you is great.

Networking Meetings

We are currently not meeting in person, however we would love to chat with you and learn more about you and your career direction.  Call or text: 402-216-4726