Social media, networking, resumes, warm hand-offs, applications, interviews, etc. so much to learn/embrace. The one thing that was sooo encouraging every Tuesday was you saying that God has a job for us- He knows what it is and we would find it at some point. And of course the support from everyone in the ministry. I’m going to miss the group…..

Yes I was offered a job today!! I accepted and will start April 8!! My experience was perfect for the role. I had a very warm hand-off from a previous person who reported to me at P&G !! I’ll be selling for Hormel to HyVee stores in Nebraska–Applied Thursday last week- screening interview & interviewed with a VP & hiring manager–job offer yesterday- negotiated pay a little – accepted today –it was fast!!! My head is still spinning!

If there is ANYTHING I can do to give back to the ministry I will. Having this support system truly helped me keep my head above water. Thank you so much for this all you do!!

In His name

Janell W. (Landed April 8, 2013)

I appreciate the ministry (God’s ministry) of the Omaha Career Networking Support Group. I learned many great things that helped me in my job search. I had a warm handoff from an employee referral inside Yahoo. I also (infiltrated) became LinkedIn connections with several Yahoo employees. I also had many, many people praying for me at the exact time of my interview. Prayer is powerful!

One thing I would like you to share with the group is not to overlook temporary positions. While unemployed God blessed me with work through a temp agency. The temp job provided income to support my family. The temp job gave me reason to get out of my pajamas and get out of the house every day. I was able to network with many professionals at the temp job. I learned new skills at the temp job and gained experience with new software. The amazing thing is that those skills and software experience I gained at the temp job are some of the main qualifications I have for the Yahoo job. What a coincidence.

Looking back I can clearly see God’s plan for me. I didn’t understand why God removed me from my job in May. I didn’t understand why the temp job company wouldn’t hire me on as a full time employee. I didn’t understand why I had to learn new skills at the temp job. I didn’t understand why I applied for so many jobs with very few responses. I didn’t understand why the Yahoo interview process took so long (two months). I would have settled for a good job at a good company. But God gave me a great job at a great company. God has revealed His plan for me, and it is awesome! Yahoo!

God Bless, Fred Z.

(Landed October 10, 2011)

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I’ve started a job! I have not been working since January this year. Thinking I was going to get right back into something was obviously way off base and I believe the Lord had different plans for me as well! So, after a 9 month search, I started a job on Monday at Lincoln Financial Group as a LTD Claims Benefits Specialist.

I know I have not been to very many meetings (I have another commitment on Tuesday evenings), but the weekly updates and resources were very helpful and got me through this difficult time!! I will continue to pray for the prayer requests from this group and think the group really is a blessing for all of us!

I pray for jobs for everyone and if I know of anything, I will let you know! Thanks so much for yours and Jeff’s uplifting e-mails!!!!

Thank you and Blessings to everyone!

Rachel L.

(Landed September 2011)

I’ve landed a job – certainly not what I thought I’d be doing – but the Lord’s path is rarely my path – right??! …

 I’m so thankful for Kathleen Keller – one of your congregation, who just happened to call me when she heard I was leaving my previous job. She told me about this class – so I started coming the very next Tuesday! This class couldn’t have been more timely!! as it gave me so much information that I was unaware of – but needed – for the job hunt! I plan to periodically continue to attend as there was always at least one “pearl of wisdom “- if not a whole bucket of pearls -for me at each class!

I thank you for your enthusiasm (the Jersey style is refreshing, if not awakening!) -your “nail it on the head” approach and yet your compassion for all of us! I am spreading the word about this class to anyone who will listen to me!

In humble prayer and thanksgiving to our Lord – for you and all of those searching for a job,

Mary Alice ‘Mike’ Q.

(landed October, 2011)

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