Yes, our group will be featured on a segment of the Morning Blend (KMTV channel 3) on Friday, November 7, sometime between 9 and 10 a.m. I will be interviewed on LIVE TV about the Omaha Career Networking group and ministry and how we help people learn new skills to build a successful job hunt […]

The OCN will be on KMTV TV Fri., Nov. 7

We all know what brands are, or should.¬† When we buy a ‚ÄúCoke,‚ÄĚ we are buying the worlds most recognizable brand. When we see a ‚ÄúCoke‚ÄĚ sign, we immediately identify with the product, the image, the feelings and what benefits we may derive from it. Coca-Cola has spent billions on marketing their products and brands. […]

Personal Branding