When you are on a job hunt you had better Fall in Love with Sales? What?! you say: “I am NOT in Sales!” “I don’t want to be in Sales!” “ I don’t want to ever Sell anything!” Well, then expect to be looking for work for a very long time as if you are […]

Fall in Love with Sales

WHETHER YOU’RE NETWORKING, talking to recruiters or at your 20-year college reunion chatting up old buddies, you’ll need to explain your goals in 30 seconds or less, keep it positive and be specific without being boring. As a matter of fact, that’s why it’s called an “elevator pitch.” Because everybody is so busy these days, you […]

Honing Your Elevator Pitch

That was a question our Career Counselor would ask when he would come to present once or twice a year. His point was “Why after 6 months are you still coming to the weekly meetings at the OCN? Why haven’t you found a job?” He usually found out that people would be using the same […]

So Why Are You Still Here?

What Color is my parachute cover for 2015.
According to Dick Bolles, author of “What Color is My Parachute” there are 12 ways you can find a job.  Larry Humberstone, who had volunteered with the OCN as a Career Counselor, you should be using at least four of them at any one time.  If one is not working for you after a couple […]

12 Arrows that Need to be in Your Job Hunt ...

During the presentation by Dan Weber of Peak Pathways LLC, he brought up this poem by David Whyte. It provide some introspection on where you are in your career and job hunt journey. What do I do if I am lost in the forest? Stand still. Stand still The trees ahead and the bushes along […]

What does this poem mean to you?

Transitioning from active duty military life to life as a civilian can be a stress filled time in the life of the veteran and family members. The unknown of finding work in the private or public sectors can be a daunting task today. No longer is it as easy as filling out an application. This […]

Marketing and Branding Yourself for a Career Transition

“You’ve done all the right things in the job search.  You’ve infiltrated the ideal company and networked through others to gain an audience with the hiring manager.  You’ve created a killer resume.  And, now you’re scheduled for a telephone or face-to-face interview with the hiring manager.  Don’t let all that hard work go to waste […]

Nailing the Job Interview

New networking opportunities have been added to the Job Hunt Resources page. Check them out. We talk a lot about networking as the BEST way for you to land a job.  Networking helps uncover the hidden jobs that are available.  Those are the jobs that are not advertised anywhere and networking will be the only […]

Networking Opportunities in the Omaha Area

Well, the group still meets at Christ Community Church, but we changed to a smaller room.  After holding the special programs in February in a very large room at the church, attendance has returned to press session levels and a smaller room works better. We still can handle up to 30 people. We now meet […]

We’ve Moved to …