Omaha Career Networking. Two People networking.
I receive an email from Minton Dickes each Monday morning.  They are great, packed with advice on selling.  If you were not already aware, when you are in a job hunt, you are in the business of SALES and SELLING yourself as the SOLUTION to a company’s problem; that open position. Here is the email from […]

Living a Networking Life – Minton Dickes Monday Minute

Large Engine. The value of experience in a job search.
What makes YOU Unique is the experience you have had and how you can use it to solve problems for companies. Here is a quick read that I found on LinkedIn that is worthy of sharing.

The Value of Your Experience

Planting Seeds for your Job Hunt Journey and success/
OK, that might be a stretch, but it is that time of year where people are out gardening.   I enjoy gardening as I remember my parents having a very large garden and I helped do a lot of planting, cultivating and harvesting.  You cannot do a harvest later in summer if you don’t plant seeds in […]

It’s Always Time for Gardening in Your Job Search

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Securities America and while in the waiting area picked up their CONNECT Magazine.  This was a special edition from  the Fall of 2015 that focused on Women’s Careers. One of the articles struck my attention as it was about Networking and careers. This can apply to anyone. […]

Lead, Grow Inspire

Tombstone, Life int he Dash and Your Purpose on Earth.
Recently I attended a funeral for my Sister In-Law.  She lived with her husband in Green Bay, Wisconsin for many years. We had not seen them in a long time.  Life can get busy, and even through we made many trips back to Wisconsin, we were always on the western side of the state and more […]

Life in the DASH – Finding Your Purpose on Earth

Success Failure. Turn the Setback as a setup for a comeback. Career Transition Workshop
In a Career Transition, there are times when you might find yourself being “fired” or “laid off” from a job. I know from personal experience being laid off twice, this is hard on the male psyche. You have the sense that you have failed and no longer have any value, self-worth.

Loving being a Failure – A Setback is a Setup ...

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone
You’re in a Job Hunt, you may find yourself stuck in a comfort zone.  You know, the place where you dare not tread too far out from. What Does Your Job Hunt Comfort Zone Look Like?

Stuck in a Comfort Zone

Staples Easy Button. No such thing as an easy button in your job search.
This Post is based on a weekly email I receive from Chris Brogan.  Chris is a marketer.  I consider him a disruptive marketer that not only gets attention, but is also successful in what he has to “sell.”

There are no “Easy Buttons” in your Job Search

Millard Business Association networking event in Omaha
“It is not who you know that matters, it is who knows you.”        ~ Bruce E. Dickes I tend to get a lot of emails from people I am connected with; i.e., connected through networking.  A recent email from Minton Dickes, a sales consulting firm here in Omaha, offered up some great tips for sales […]

Networking Your Way to a New Job