Fall in Love with Sales

When you are on a job hunt you had better Fall in Love with Sales?

What?! you say:

“I am NOT in Sales!”

“I don’t want to be in Sales!”

“ I don’t want to ever Sell anything!”

Well, then expect to be looking for work for a very long time as if you are in the job hunt you are in the profession of Sales!

What are you Selling?

You are selling yourself as the “solution to a company’s problem.” You have to sell yourself as the best candidate in the application and your resume. You have to sell yourself as the best candidate when networking into a company to the hiring manager or recruiter.

If you should be so lucky (and we all know it is not about luck) to get an interview, you have to sell yourself as the best person for the job.

Someone I converse with from time to time is Chris Brogan, he runs a number of enterprises all involved in marketing and helping small business owners grow their business. His recent Sunday email to me was about . Here is a small piece of the email that I thought worthwhile to share with you.

Read the following and imagine how it relates to your current situation in looking for work.

Elements of Good Selling

You’d be surprised what goes into really good selling. It’s not all that complex, though there are mountains of things you have to learn to make this work better and better. I’ll tell you what I’ve learned are the elements of good selling:

  • Know who you serve and what they want. If you don’t know your buyers, you don’t really have a product or service, do you?
  • Know what you sell and who will most benefit from it. And by this, I mean with clarity. Know what exactly the rewards of owning what you sell will be. Know how to explain this to people.
  • Master the buying cycle. Selling a house is way different from selling software. Selling deals is trickier than selling insurance. Some take more time. Some take less. Learn it yourself, and/or ask others who sell what you sell for their tips on a buying cycle.
  • Master their language. People won’t buy if they think what you sell isn’t for them. It took us months (maybe years) to nail down how to talk about what we offer. “Simple plans for business success” is what we say, but those five words have a LOT of meat tucked into them. But what matters most about them is that the people we serve (you) helped us define what that means.
  • Work from love, not desperation. Though it’s important that you’re “hungry to sell,” you can’t be desperate. What happens in those situations where it’s “sell or die” is that we tend to sell someone something they don’t want or we make a deal that’s no good for us. NOTHING good ever comes of these moments. So, do your best to avoid them.

Here are the Four Key ingredients in sales that you need to do:

1. Arouse Interest – you need to get the hiring manager’s attention

2. Create Desire – Here is where you cause the hiring manager to take the next step

3. Motivate Action – From step two, what action do you want the hiring manager to take?  Of course that is to get you the interview and a job offer

4. Close the sale – you cannot be meek when looking for work, you have to ask for the job.

The sooner you realize that you are in sales and selling yourself the sooner you will realize that this is normal and nothing to be afraid of.

About Jeff Quandt

Jeff Quandt is an Inbound and Digital Marketing Strategist and owns On-Q Marketing LLC. He helps the members of the OCN through understanding their personal brand, how they have to market themselves as the solution to a hiring manager's problem, and offers a personal LinkedIn Counseling session for any member of the group. Jeff is a corporate refuge that has been laid off several times, so he is very familiar with the job hunt process, the ups and downs, and the success at the end of the tunnel. Keeping a positive attitude with the end goal in mind is crucial to a job seekers success. Today as a business owner, he is constantly looking for work, he knows the process well and it makes no difference if you work for someone else or yourself, you need to be the solution to someone's problem to get paid.