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Businesswoman typing.The common perception is “No one is hiring during the Holidays.” So many job seekers take a break from applying, networking or just basically looking for work.

Here is why you should NOT go on a Job Hunt Vacation this time of year.



Companies still need to fill positions and have open positions advertised and not advertised. Remember the standard ratio of advertised to not-advertised job openings is 20:80. Don’t ignore either group

Advertised positions are easily found using the online search methods we talk about in the group. Look for and set up email alerts LinkedIn Jobs, Careerlink, the Nebraska Workforce Development site,, and  But that covers only 20% of the open positions.

Networking is how you get to know about the other 80%. Networking with your FRAN network; Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors.  Go to the Christmas Parties, enjoy yourself, be cheerful even when you don’t feel like it.  I know it is a difficult thing to do, but you know if you are reading this, the world di not end on the 21st and God is not finished with you yet.


Also, apply at companies you would like to work for even if there are no jobs posted as being available. Sometimes, Like Mike says, “you have to think out of the box” and do things differently than the other 90% of the job seekers. A friend of mine recently (December 11th) was laid off from her nursing job having worked with a local hospital for 30+ years. She knew I was involved in the OCNSG and asked for help.  She has not had to write a resume since her college days more than 30 years ago and was quite distraught about the whole situation.  Everyone in the group can certainly empathize with her I am sure.

Since her specialty was pediatrics, she decided to write down all the health care providers in the Omaha are that might need a RN in pediatrics. I worked with her to develop a basic resume and as you can imagine, there was only one listing for work experience; although I helped break it up as she held different roles throughout her career with the hospital. I recommended that she use this resume to apply at any company now until she could have it professional reviewed by our resume expert, Katie Schrad.

She took and faxed the resume to a local pediatrics clinic, which I found out some time later. Remember she has not had to apply for a job in 30+ years. Things have changed yet she used a rather old tactic. You know that companies want to have things online, electronically and not via fax or mail, but the latter tactics do make your resume and cover letter standout from the 90% that only use online applications.  I suggested she follow-up with a phone call to the HR department – again something we tend to say you need to work around and not through – to see if they had received the resume, ask if there were any open positions, and what might be the next move.

One week after being laid off,  she had a lengthy telephone interview and a personal interview the very same day.  She was offered a part time position at a little less than what she was making before (with full benefits) based on her experience and she starts after the first of the year. And yes, after that was all said and done they asked her to fill in an online application.

God works in mysterious ways.  I certainly cannot say this will happen every time to you as well, but had she joined the 90% and waited until after the first of the year to start looking, she might have faced a great deal of competition for a position that was soon to be advertised and lost out.

Bottom line – Don’t be the 90%

Bottom line is don’t be part of the 90% that only apply online or take a job hunt vacation this time of year.  Stay active and keep knocking on those doors.  You never know when one might just open.

Jeff Quandt

About Jeff Quandt

Jeff Quandt is an Inbound and Digital Marketing Strategist and owns On-Q Marketing LLC. He helps the members of the OCN through understanding their personal brand, how they have to market themselves as the solution to a hiring manager's problem, and offers a personal LinkedIn Counseling session for any member of the group. Jeff is a corporate refuge that has been laid off several times, so he is very familiar with the job hunt process, the ups and downs, and the success at the end of the tunnel. Keeping a positive attitude with the end goal in mind is crucial to a job seekers success. Today as a business owner, he is constantly looking for work, he knows the process well and it makes no difference if you work for someone else or yourself, you need to be the solution to someone's problem to get paid.

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