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The Career Transition Workshop was founded in 1991 in Dallas Texas and has expanded to multiple locations in Texas, Florida, and now Omaha. The key focus of the CTW is to provide job seekers that are unemployed or underemployed the tools and tactics of what it takes in today’s economy to market their skills and abilities as the solution to a business’ problem. Only applying online for jobs, will extends a job seekers search as the online application process has the lowest success rate of any tactic.

The CTW offers a very comprehensive and organized program for all job seekers. Today, the way people need to go about finding the work they love to do for companies they want to work for and businesses that want candidates that are solution providers, has changed dramatically. Simply answering a want ad or filling out an online application has a 5% success rate of landing a job. Understanding the strategy and tactics of utilizing personal networks will provide an 80% chance of landing work that you have a passion to do. A job seeker should not spend 80% of his or her time using the “spray and pray” tactic of applying online, when the faster route to work that they would love is through networking.”

The Career Transition Workshop will bring in a variety of local presenters, all experts in their field, to present on key points of a job search.

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Jeff Quandt talks about the Career Transition Workshop


Topics covered in the 12-sessions include:

  1. Accepting The Ax: Gain insight into what happens after the severance. Develop coping skills for moving on. 
  2. Career Choices and Consequences: Learn basic decision models designed to simplify the complex choice of “now what?” 
  3. Two-Minute/Two-Page Resumes: Discover the key to not only opening the door, but getting the interview. Learn how to market and sell yourself. 
  4. Communication Connection: Learn how to communicate more effectively. Improve your written skills to get in the door and stay in the game. 
  5. Inter-Galactic Invitational Resume Skeet Shoot: Get feedback from an objective review of your resume combined with professional advice to make improvements. 
  6. Search Management: Learn the four fundamental ways to find work. Discover how to manage and organize your time to minimize risks and maximize rewards. 
  7. Networking Strategies: Network-building relationships can yield the highest return on your investment of time! Learn how to market yourself and tap the hidden job market.
  8. Interviewing Tactics: Understand the six steps of the interview process. Learn the tools and techniques to apply and improve your chances of positioning yourself as the ideal candidate. 
  9. Classy Answers to Classical Questions: Learn how to anticipate what the interviewer is going to ask and why. Discover how to answer difficult questions to more effectively sell yourself as the solution. 
  10. Interviewing Rehearsal: Review the good, the bad and the ugly from observing a staged interview. Practice your interview skills in small group sessions to transfer the knowledge into know-how.
  11. Win-Win Negotiations: Discover the art and science of salary negotiations. Realize the full potential of the “benefits” side of the equation.
  12. Wrap-It-Up!: Your attitude affects your actions, your beliefs affect your behavior, your outlook affects your outcome. Get empowered by enthusiasm. 

About the Career Transition Workshop

The Career Transition Workshop was developed by John McDorman of Dallas, Texas. In 1990, John was fired and found himself without a job. He took advantage of the outplacement services offered and noticed something was missing…God.  Every day, people face the reality of job loss and its associated fears.  Faith is the best antidote for fear.  God shouldn’t be missing nor should His word which is filled with practical wisdom.  Before John knew it, God had put on his heart the need to develop a biblically based faith focused career transition process.  That was the beginning of Transition Consulting in 1990. In October of 1991, the first multi-week series called the Career Transition Workshop was launched.

Visit the Career Transition Workshop Website Online Workshop Page to watch all twelve sessions online.

About Omaha Career Networking

Omaha Career Networking was founded in 2009, by Mike Familetti as a way to help the unemployed and underemployed find meaningful work using new tactics and strategies. In 2015 he left Omaha for a position in North Carolina.  Jeff Quandt joined the group in 2010 and served until 2018. OCN currently is managed by a team of individuals.