Marc Montayne has joined the volunteer team in helping provide resume review services for our members. Marc’s face might be familiar to many of our members that come into Christ Community Church through the Atrium as he serves on Christ Community’ Church’s staff as the Renewal Ministry Pastor. Marc’s past is where he knows what […]

Meet our New Resume Reviewer

The OCNSG is looking to have several people available to review resumes.  Ideally we would like to have more than one person helping in the capacity so as not to overload the reviewer. This is a volunteer position, like others with the group and payment is only in the Thanks, Smiles and Gratitude from our […]

Help Wanted–Resume Reviewer(s)

John Staup is a recruiter with West Corp. His LinkedIn professional headline reads, “Hands on Recruiting Manager focused on bringing in the best to West – what can I do for you? “ John will be providing tips on improving your resume so your chances to gaining an interview are improved. Come listen to what […]

Meeting Aug. 14–John Staup

RESUME BUILDING   Sandy Ferrucci, READY Specialist/Real Employment Assistance for Developing You with Goodwill Industries Inc. will be presenting on Resume Building. Whether you are just starting out in a job hunt or have been on one for a while, it is always a good idea to see if there are any tips you can […]

Meeting June 19th–Sandy Ferrucci