Omaha Career Networking. Two People networking.
It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know. While what you know is important, that alone will not get you the job. It’s not even who you know. That may have been true at one time, but the relationships you foster through networking is really about… “Who Knows You!” Networking today is the fastest […]

Career Networking: It’s About Who Knows You

Strange that I should use a photo of my ‚Äúfat tire‚ÄĚ bike tracks in a post about your job search. While I was out riding the other day, when we had snow, I began to think of how quickly the tracks¬†I was leaving will eventually disappear: The snow will melt when the temps warm and […]

Making Tracks in your Job Search

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Timing can be everything‚Ķwell, it can‚Äôt hurt.¬† This week we talk about NETWORKING 101. Networking is so important in your job search, I cannot stress it enough. Here are the THREE THINGS YOU NEED TO FIND A JOB Networking Networking Networking This week‚Äôs Sunday email from, Chris Brogan, ¬†a very special marketer I am connected […]

Thoughts on Networking

Omaha Career Networking. Two People networking.
I receive¬†an email from Minton Dickes each Monday morning. ¬†They are great, packed with advice on selling. ¬†If you were not already aware, when you are in a job hunt, you are in the business of SALES and SELLING yourself as the SOLUTION to a company’s problem; that open position. Here is the email from […]

Living a Networking Life – Minton Dickes Monday Minute

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Securities America and while in the waiting area picked up their CONNECT Magazine. ¬†This was a special edition from ¬†the Fall of 2015 that focused on Women’s Careers. One of the articles struck my attention as it was about Networking and careers. This can apply to anyone. […]

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