Career Networking: It’s About Who Knows You

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know.

Omaha Career Networking. Two People networking.While what you know is important, that alone will not get you the job. It’s not even who you know.

That may have been true at one time, but the relationships you foster through networking is really about…

“Who Knows You!”

Networking today is the fastest way to land a job in a place you wish to work.  What I hear is, “That takes work.” or  “Where can I network?”

We have gone through this many times on a Tuesday night, but it bears repeating.

Your Network can be summed up in this acronym – F.R.A.N.

F – Friends: those people you know.

R – Relatives: Just as it says, people you are related to.

A – Associates: people that are or were co-workers.

N – Neighbors: people. Anyone, not just your next door neighbor.

Notice the common word in all four parts?  PEOPLE. you need to network with with people.

Yes, it takes effort or work, as I pointed out in the post about Making Tracks in Your Job Search you need to “get out from behind the glass.” You need to mingle with people in real life and you need to do it often and on a regular basis, reminding them you are still in the hunt. An old advertising term I learned while selling newspaper ads “repetition, builds recognition” certainly applies in your job search.  You need to repeatedly remind people of your situation or they will forget you, just like they do with that newspaper, TV or radio ad.

Now the point is where can you network. Besides places like the grocery store, restaurants, coffee shops, consider where you go to church, or industry groups.  We have a list of places where to network on our Job Hunt Resources page or check out this post with Networking in Omaha.

Some are FREE, some there is a nominal fee.

Be Intentional – Set Networking Goals

When you attend a network event, do so with a goal in mind, be intentional. Let’s say you want to meet and get five new people to exchange business cards with. You know you need a goal because if you don’t have any goals, you will achieve them 100% of the time. That is not a good measurement in this case.

One other thing

Networking never stops once you have a job, it is a life-long activity as you may never know when you need to tap into your network or return a favor.

For those that have gone out and networked at some of the places shown on our resources, page, leave a comment about your experience.


About Jeff Quandt

Jeff Quandt is an Inbound and Digital Marketing Strategist and owns On-Q Marketing LLC. He helps the members of the OCN through understanding their personal brand, how they have to market themselves as the solution to a hiring manager's problem, and offers a personal LinkedIn Counseling session for any member of the group. Jeff is a corporate refuge that has been laid off several times, so he is very familiar with the job hunt process, the ups and downs, and the success at the end of the tunnel. Keeping a positive attitude with the end goal in mind is crucial to a job seekers success. Today as a business owner, he is constantly looking for work, he knows the process well and it makes no difference if you work for someone else or yourself, you need to be the solution to someone's problem to get paid.