Career assistance and networking for a new job.Omaha Career Networking (OCN) is an Omaha, Nebraska based networking group for the unemployed and underemployed.

The group was formed early in 2009 to meet the employment assistance needs of people out of work. Members of the group come from wide and varied backgrounds, but all share in the need in finding help and encouragement needed to land a new job.

More than 400 people receive an email and many people have found work through the help and assistance offered by the OCN. We cannot get you that next job, however we can show you the proven tactics that will better prepare you to get that next job that the Lord has in store for you. Opening the door or window to the job with an offer comes from the Lord.
Through the meetings the group shares information regarding jobs, job fairs, and techniques to find a job. Twice monthly special guest speakers, like career coaches, resume professionals, recruiters and more offer insights designed to shorten the job hunt journey.
Be sure to check out the Events Calendar for updated information.
  • No cost to join
  • Open to all; Unemployed or Underemployed
  • No need to be a member of or attend Westside Church
  • No cost for services to registered Group members
  • No reservations or invitations are required to attend meetings

Each Month

Each month we have speakers, discussions, or a workshop where members can get some individualized attention.

Omaha Career Networking Group Facilitators:

  • Ryan Bergh
  • Frank Ferrante
  • Joe Poteat

Photo and Video Release: The Omaha Career Networking (OCN) Group often takes photographs and video during our events for use in brochures and on the Web. By submitting the new member form you agree OCN may use any image of you that might appear in photographs or video taken at an Omaha Career Networking event.

• Unemployed? • Underemployed?

• Know someone who is looking for a job?

• Been out of work for months and can’t seem to find

anything in the classifieds?

• Applying for jobs online and no success?

• Sending out resumes by the score? (Spray and Pray tactic)

“Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result is a definition of insanity”

according to Albert Einstein.

Are you familiar with these terms?

Brass Ring

Warm Handoff

Transferable Skills

Omaha Career Networking has answers along with tools and methodologies for effective career transitions.

Job search support and employment assistance through education, experience, expertise and faith. Receive support while transitioning into a new career opportunity, based on your career goals and objectives.

If you are like me you are always looking to cut costs and save money please go to our Resources page and see the Top Ways That Work To Save Money.

Our ministry is here to assist you in every aspect. I recommend to you to go take a look at the ways and let me know if you have utilized or at least investigated all of them. I think most of you will be pleasantly surprised!