OCN Member Services

NOTE: These services are ONLY Available to people that have attended a Tuesday Meeting and Filled out a Member Form.

There is no cost to become a member of the OCN.

Do Not ask for help if you have not become a member of the OCN.

Member Resources

  1. Resume Review
  2. LinkedIn Profile Consultation
  3. Portrait Service

Members of the OCN receive several helpful free services.  To become a member of the group you need to be a regular attendee of the Tuesday Night meetings.  On your first visit ask for a New Member Form.  All the services on this page are FREE to members.

Photo and Video Release: The Omaha Career Networking (OCN) Group often takes photographs and video during our events for use in brochures and on the Web. By submitting the new member form you agree OCN may use any image of you that might appear in photographs or video taken at an Omaha Career Networking event.

NOTE: ¬†Please be Respectful of our Volunteer’s Time. ¬†All are professionals and are either working full time or own and operate a business. Everyone needs to make a good impression when apply for a job. ¬†There is little difference if you request help from our professional volunteers, Make sure you are leaving the same impression with them that you would¬†leave with a potential employer.

If an appointment has been made to meet with one of our counselors:

  1. Be sure to be prompt and on time
  2. Exchange cell phone numbers so in case you or the volunteer are running late you can communicate and reschedule if need be
  3. Understand the volunteers are busy people.  They may not get back to you as quickly as you expect, but they will.

If you have not heard back from one of our volunteers in over a week, mention this to Jeff at one of the Tuesday meetings for follow-up or use this form.

Resume Review

Marc Montayne , OCNSG resume review expertMeet Marc Montayne. His background working with Hy-Vee as a Division Manager resulted in hiring hundreds of employees and reading even more resumes.  He recognizes what it takes to create a good resume.  Marc will review your resume ONLY if you have a JOB DESCRIPTION for a position you will want to apply. Marc will not write your resume. He will offer tips and suggestions to help you create a good resume.  Now understand that you should have a master resume that can be tweaked for the job you are applying for. That means you need to include those items that are important to the job description to the job specific resume being built and remove those items that really have no bearing on that position.

Your Resume Review involved a Personal Meeting with Marc.

If you need to create a resume, please check out the Job Resources Page that has numerous FREE Resources to help your build a basic resume.

Click Resume Review Form to submit your resume.

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LinkedIn Profile Consultation

Jeff Quandt, Inbound Marketing ProfessionalDo you have a LinkedIn Profile? No? LinkedIn is the best Professional networking tool available. It can help you find a way to infiltrate a company to get your resume past HR and directly to the hiring manager.

LinkedIn Help

To learn more how you can use LinkedIn, refer to this handy checklist to build and refine your profile or check out the LinkedIn Job Seeker Center.  You can also read and subscribe to the LinkedIn Job Seeker Blog

If you do not have a Profile on LinkedIn, it is time to contact our LinkedIn Specialist and Social Media Explorer, Jeff Quandt. Jeff offers 1-on-1 counseling sessions to help you with LinkedIn; the best professional networking tool available.

Sessions are held at the Millard branch of the Omaha Public Library by Appointment. The library is located at 13214 Westwood Lane. Hours available for sessions are Mon-Wed¬†9 am ‚Äď 8 pm; Thurs ‚Äď Fri.¬†9 am-6 pm. The library has two private study rooms where the sessions can be held. Since the rooms cannot be reserved, there is a chance a meeting may be delayed until a room becomes available, unless the session is scheduled for 9 am when the library opens. Before requesting a session YOU MUST already have a LinkedIn profile that is fairly complete.¬† Typically you want to at least start with your resume information on the profile. There is limited time to hold a 1 and 1 session and creating a profile would consume too much of it.

Click LinkedIn Counseling Request to arrange a session.

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Portrait Service

jeffbebee.jpgIf you need a photo for LinkedIn or other social networking service, maybe your business cards.

We now offer a FREE service to have a professional portrait taken for you. Portrait Session are provide Courtesy of Jeff Bebee Photography and takes place every 3-4 months. Details available and sign up sheet the Tuesday Meetings.  Check the Calendar for the next session.

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