Jeff Quandt, Digital Marketing Strategist with On-Q Marketing.Jeff Quandt:  Lead Facilitator

Everyone’s journey is different and unique to them, but there are similarities when it come to those people that have been unemployed for any lengthen of time.

Not everyone understands the plight of those people that are unemployed unless they have been unemployed for a period of time.  High and lows of a job search take a toll on a person’s mental state. Jeff first faced a period of unemployment in 1989-90.  For seven months he looked for work, sent out over 1,000 resumes, put on more than 10,000 miles on his car, and heard comments by people that did not understand why it could take so long to find work..Depression and low self-worth are part of the impact of looking for work. Then one day he did something he swore would never do “answer a blind box add” in the newspaper..

A phone call came from Steve, someone he knew through the work he had previously done.  Jeff was confuses as to why Steve was calling him. Steve mentioned that Jeff had submitted a resume for a job he had advertised.  Jeff started working for Steve’s company the day his unemployment ran out. Yet, Jeff’s journey continued and he was recruited to work for a banking software company, and 9 years later was recruited again to work for an advertising communication firm.

In 2009 the recession hit and Jeff was once again facing a long period of unemployment and the ups and downs of a job hunt journey. He came to the OCN to seek assistance and ended providing personal branding and LinkedIn session for the members and added his expertise as the group’s Digital Marketing Manager. At the encouragement of several friends, Jeff started On-Q Marketing LLC, a consulting business, that continues to grow.


Mike Familetti: Founder

Mike Familtie - founder and facilitartor of the Omaha Career Networking Group

Mike founded the Omaha Career Networking (OCN) group (then called Godly Job Search and the Omaha Career Networking Support Group) in 2009.

Mike’s story is familiar to anyone that has been on a job hunt journey.  He has walked in the same “shoes” that anyone that has been unemployed and underemployed have ever faced.

He too faced an 18 month period of unemployment, not knowing where he was going to get the money to pay bills, buy food and provide for his family, God showed him He cares and provided Mike’s basic needs miraculously. Mike always says ” you need to leave your pride at door, and seek the help that is available.”. Do not let your pride stop you from receiving help when it is needed.

After landing a job in Omaha, he was underemployed for 5 years; having a job, sometimes having more month left than money in the checking account. God still works in mysterious ways and a job he had applied for at First National Bank came open again and through a network connection he was encouraged to meet with the hiring manager he had interviewed with.a year before. That meeting led him to a Job at First National Bank. and a nice increase in pay and benefits.

Still Mike’s Journey continues as once again he was tapped by God and recruited to come to his current job at First Data, again with a compensation package he never would have believed possible just 5 years before. In 2015, Mike was once again laid off and was looking for work

Mike often related his story and had a deep passion of serving others in a Pay it Forward way.

In 2016, Mike landed a new job in North Carolina. Congratulations Mike, your enthusiasm will be missed. The foundation you laid will live on and grow.


Scott Vowinkle

Scott Vowinkle, OCN co-facilitator and General Sales manager for Journal Broadcasting in Omaha.

Scott’s journey started in 2011 while living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area when he started an 18 month period of unemployment.

Scott has worked in media sales and sales management most of his life; primarily in radio broadcast. While looking for work, Scott gave back to the community by volunteering with the Southlake Focus Group: a group for people in transition, something very similar to the Omaha Career Networking group, but on a much larger scale. He knows what the journey is like and how much work it takes.  Still there are ways to do the job hunt journey better than other people looking for work so you can stand out at the top candidate for the job.

Today, Scott works as the General Sales Manager for three radio stations in Omaha.  Relocating to Omaha in January of 2014, he set a goal to either find a group like the Southlake Focus Group or start one as a way to give back to the community. Fortunate for the OCN he found us and has been instrumental in bringing new ideas and his skills and abilities to the OCN.

The OCN was bless to have Scott be a part of the leadership team for a few years.

Scott has since been promoted to a new position with Scrips Radio network in Tulsa, OK.