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Download the Personal Branding eBook, which can help you get started on helping you present yourself to companies looking for the solutions you provide to solve their business problems.


Check out the FREE Resume Builder that is part of the Nebraska Department of Labor website. You need to be registered with the NDOL (this is open to both people that are collecting Unemployment Benefits and those that are not). This tool also provides you with the ability to check the job outlook for various positions, the number of jobs availability on the site by county, salary levels, and competitive position (how many other job seekers that are registered on the NDOL web site with similar credentials for the position) and a lot more. Very interesting stuff.

Other Resume Tools to consider:

  • Careerlink offers a resume building tool you need to register on the site to access this feature available when you “add” a resume.
  • Job Hunters Bible Richard N Bolles website, author of “What Color is my Parachute?”
  • Sample Resumes Another handy tool with sample resumes.
  • Cover Letters, Google this term to find a variety of sources for you. Here is a Link to just one that might help.
  • Dirk Spencer – Resume Boot Camp. A great source on building your resume to get through the ATS.
  • FREE Resume Templates. A guide on selecting the right template=.  over 200 Word Document templates to select from.
  • How to Write a Great Resume. An in-depth guide on resume organization and how to develop a personal brand statement.
  • Resume Optimization. Each Job you apply for requires a customized resume. Here is a tool – JobScan – that will help you craft a better resume against a Job Description.
Resume Services

We do know these people, they are local, but the listings here are not to be considered an endorsement for their services:

  • RESUME ADVISERS of OMAHA John Quinn has been a presenter at several OCN meetings visit their website for more information.
  • FREE JOB COACHING Paul Madsen has been a frequent speaker at OCN meetings and offers resume, career coaching, and interview prep services. Visit his website for more information.
  • OCN Member Services Resume Review

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The chief goal in networking to find a job is to gain an interview.  You will only have a 5% chance by using the Online Application method. You have a better than 80% chance by networking.    Here is a document titled “7 Tips to Build Rapport with the Interviewer” that you can download and read. Download this Job Interview One Sheet, Your Cliffs Notes for a Job Interview.  It is a word document that you can print and write or type save and print. Career Confidential’s top 100 interview questions and how to answer them.

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Online Visibility

Have you “Googled” Yourself? You should! Also Check out where you can create an account and under a free account control a bit more of your online persona. You can see where you might have to add a middle initial to separate yourself from the other person with the same name that is a convict felon.

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Company Information Research

Whenever you get an interview, be sure to use the following resources to find out as much as possible on the company:

  • Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Conduct a search on the company and news from the company’s web site.
  • You can get additional limited information on a business through this tool.
  • Use LinkedIn to find the Company page.
  • Sometimes businesses show their culture on a Facebook Page.

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Career Assessment Tools

If you go to the Omaha Public Library website they now have FREE career help and resume writing but you have to have a library card. The Nebraska Department of Labor NEworks site also has several new tools that may help you. In addition you can also seek assistance from any local office of the NDOL Workforce Development.

QuintCareers has a page with multiple free and paid career assessment tools you can look at.

You can also check out the web sites and seek assistance from many of our past speakers. They provide career counseling services for which you pay for.

Business Cards

FREE Business cards come in handy when conducting face-to-face networking. You can get 250 professional looking business cards to help you in your job search FREE (just pay for shipping and processing) from Vista Print. More Information available on the web site. Be sure to place the basics of your elevator speech on your card…do more than just contact info. Other Low Cost or FREE Cards: 123 Print and many others. Make sure you use both sides of the card and include a short elevator speech about yourself.

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Career Fairs

Here is a link to Careerlink’s listing of upcoming Career Fairs.

Job Fairs Nebraska also offers a list of upcoming Job Fairs. You may also find Job Fairs with

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Networking Opportunities

Chamber Networking. There are a many networking groups that every job seeker should include in his or her job search; social/service groups (Rotary, Optimist, Kiwanis, etc.), neighborhood associations, school groups, professional organizations, and event calendars on the various chamber sites: Omaha, Western Douglas CountyRalston, Council Bluffs, Bellevue, and Sarpy Co. Chamber, etc.

You can also network with people in such common places as a restaurant. One of the best places in West Omaha is the Boys Town Cafe/Visitors Center for breakfast.  Networking should not just start when you need a job and should never end once you have a job. Networking is a lifelong activity.

Once a month on the 2nd Friday at 7:00 am the Small Business Administration holds a networking event called the Empowerment Breakfast. The breakfast cost $15. While many small businesses are there to network, it also provides an opportunity to network with people that might be able to help you network into a job. Have your Business cards and elevator speech ready.

The Millard Business Assn. holds several FREE networking events each month.  Check out the event Calendar for more information.

Organizations and associations for professional groups should also be leveraged for possible networking opportunities. Just do an Internet Search for an appropriate association with your career field.

You may also find networking opportunities within your religious organization; men’s and women’s groups, small groups, Bible study groups, etc. You might also want to connect on a metro area group like the Heartland CBMC (for men) or the CBWF (for women).

Toastmasters may also offer the ability to network.  There are numerous clubs in the Greater Omaha area that you can check out for FREE.  Joining a club will require a modest dues payment. You can check with that club you visit regarding dues. Not only will a Toastmaster club offer you networking opportunities, it may also help you build confidence in speaking to groups and do better in an interview.

Center Sphere Networking Groups.  You can attend a meeting for FREE and there are many locations around the Omaha area.

Virtual Networking using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and various other online social tools.  LinkedIn is the Trade Show Convention conversational social networking tool.  By far this is the place you need to concentrate most of your virtual networking time. Optimizing your profile is the place you need to start, as once you become active on LinkedIn, people and recruiters will look at your profile.   Here is a profile checklist that can help your refine your profile.

Facebook, is another place you can network with Friends and businesses that use this tool for recruitment, purposes. Use the FIND tool to look up businesses, Like their page and comment on things of interest.  You will be starting a conversation with someone that works at that company and maybe able to foster a relationship that can lead to a job.  Sometimes businesses use FaceBook to show off their culture.

Twitter, surprising as it may seem is another place to find a job.  Use hashtags (#) to locate discussions that take place; #job, #hirefriday for examples.

When you search on any social network, pay attention to the suggestions they offer. These will be the top most searched terms.

Of course do not forget about the OCN itself.  Mingle before or after a meeting, also during the monthly workshops let other members know more about you and what you are looking for.

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Online Job Boards

Looking for a job online is certainly one tactic you can employ to find that next job. Some good sources include, NEWorks, Heartland Workforce Solutions, and LinkedIn. You can also use other job boards and aggregators such as Careerbuilder, Monster, Indeed, Simply Hired, Dice, ZipRecruiter, and many others. Generally we do not recommend Craig’s List nor do we recommend placing your resume for public viewing on any public job board as it could increase the risk of identity theft and also makes your email available to spammers. Building an online presence on LinkedIn is also different than simply putting your resume online.

Veterans can also receive one-year Premium Job Seeker LinkedIn membership by checking out this link:

Be sure to look at web sites at companies that you might like to work. Some local firms do not use online job tools outside their own web sites or post all positions at Careerlink for example.

Another local source for Jobs is

Once you find a position on one of the job boards, your next step is NOT to simply apply online. Applying only online has a greater than 95% chance of your resume of not being seen by anyone and you not getting the opportunity to get an interview. It is always best to use tools like LinkedIn to research who is at the company and connections you may have to get your resume to the hiring manager using the “warm hand-off” method. Then applying online after you get the chance to talk with the hiring manager.

Also check out CWAHM Christian Work at Home Ministries.  This web site offers advice and links to work at home jobs that might just work out for you.  .

Job Hunting Help Older workers

Top 50 Tips for Job Seekers over 50

Are You a Recent College Grad?

Here is a site where grads can look for entry level positions, explore different career options and tips on resumes and interviews. CollegeGrad

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Staffing Services

Do not discount the possibility of working as a temp to hire with a staffing firm. Check out one of the presenters we had Express Employment Professionals and talk with Curt Anthony.

Online and Offline Skills Training

Getting and keeping up to date with skills important to your next job.  Sometimes you just need to brush up on a skill you already have, other times you need to learn something new.

There are a variety of sources you can get this training and many times it is FREE.  Staffing Services (like above) Addecco, Manpower ,offer online training free to registered users.  The NEWorks site and Heartland Workforce Solutions offer links to a variety of Online Training courses. Also check out Udemy.  This web site offers a number of options paid and Free.

There are several local sources to learn some basic computer skills, reading, math, writing, GED, etc. Now would be a great time to take advantage of FREE training opportunities. Computer skills can be basic like keyboarding skills, or more specific such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint.

  • Computer Skills: Omaha Public Library, Metro Tech Express, Goodwill
  • GED, Math, Reading, Writing.

Areotek Staffing and Recruiting can be a resource for Temp to Hire positions, but they also offer the ability to review your resume and will interview you (another training opportunity).  Check out the local positions.

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Salary Information

Salary information is available at a variety of web sites. Two of the best include and NEWorks, the Nebraska Dept. of Labor job web site. You can also fill out a free report (you do not have to set up an account) with

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Skills/Career Assessment

Sometimes you want to change career paths and do not know which path to take. Other times we hear of people saying “I just don’t know what to do when I grow up.” Maybe it is time to do a Skills Assessment.

First talk with friends as they can help you identify what key strengths you may have. Then use some of the FREE resources and moderately priced resources available on the Internet:

  • Career assessment through the Nebraska Job Service. Check out the help at the local office in your area. Take the Career assessment online. This requires registration, but you will not be spammed like other sites. If you are collecting unemployment, you should already be registered for this site.
  • Buy Strength Finders 2.0 by Tom Rath the test that Gallup uses of hiring. Yes, you can read the book for free at the library or get a used copy, but a new book will allow you to take the test online as part of the price of the book. The test only online would cost more than buying the book.
  • This is connected with Requires registration
  • and other tool that you can use. It does require registration, but you can opt out from communications after the first email.
  • What Color is My Parachute? If you have not read the book you should. Get the latest edition at the library. The author also has a web site Job Hunters Bible, where career tools like assessment tests are available.

Let us know if you have tried any of these and how they worked for you. If you Google Career Assessment Test you can find others. If you use one of them not listed above, and it works for you, let us know that as well.

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One of the most difficult things for anyone that is out of work is staying current in their field. You need to keep up in the news of your field, industry.

Many staffing firms – Adecco, Areotek. Manpower and others offer online training and it is typically free for registered users.  Now you may have to pay for any certificates. offers online training in your field for FREE and many come with a certificate of completion.

iTunes U is perhaps another source you can check into.

TED Ideas worth spreading is a place where you can watch videos that might also help give you ideas and topics of conversation during networking or interviews.

CONNECT Nebraska is a federally funded grant program aiming to provide Nebraska’s unemployed and underemployed workforce with training, funding and support to reenter the workforce in the IT field to help fill Nebraska’s growing demand for IT professionals.

Bottom line, you need to demonstrate that you are not idle while unemployed, that you are working to better yourself and offer value to your next employer.

Omaha Public Library. All you need is a library card and a PIN number to log into any number of available online training courses. Visit to explore the many online courses that are FREE.

Computer Training is available through New Horizons. Check out their classes HERE

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Other Online Sources

Check out these helpful sites:

Great Job Hunt Tools See 

*Note: These links are not an endorsement by the Federal Dept. of Labor of the Godly Job Search program

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Personal Branding

Here is a great tool to help you create your brand across social media / networking sites; Social Media Image Maker. It will allow you to resize and customize photos for all the major social sites.

Social Media Image Maker.

DOWNLOAD the Personal Branding eBook

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